Tuesday, 19 October 2010

El Gebo, say it 5 times into a mirror and he'll show up. At least I hope he will.

   Things in El Gebo land are taking shape. (If you are unaware I am in a collective type thing with some people from the uca days, check out www.elgebo.com) We have a table at handmade and bound book fair in London town in November. Check it out. http://www.handmadeandbound.com/.

 We are each making a book about what the hell El Gebo actually is because we really have no idea. I'm not going to give away too much yet but here is a tiny amount to go on. I am also hoping to produce a small book with the many years of scribbles from journeys I have been on. More on that later.

   As well as this I am hoping to be coming up with some sexy designs for T-shirts for a shop in Brighton, it's open to all illustrators so if you want in I can hook you up with the info. Over and out.