Wednesday, 16 November 2011

film festival + city + poster = cine-city film festival poster.

Sometimes the creative fires in my belly get to work and I actually make things. I got asked to make a poster for a one off event being held as part of the cine-city festival being held in Brighton over the next month.

As the event is based around local film and music makers I decided to go with something quite iconic for the image. I'm always a sucker for some handmade type that takes stupid amounts of hours as well.

In other news:- One half of Alaskan girls (that's me, more on that later) will be taking on those pesky swine's over at El Diablo (!/eldiabloclothing) on for a 30 days drawing challenge. This battle of drawing skills and tasteful social commentary will begin on December first. We'll be making some type of blog and hopefully produce something in paper format at the end of it.

I am now a rock star (!/thevinylsofficial) - like it.

Alaskan girls is a colab between me and Mr Robbie Candy. We have one goal, to change the world. (Or make some shoddy work and embarrass ourselves. )