Friday, 22 July 2011

How to drive yourself insane, wasted magazine, Miniture band and crazy horses.

That my friends is a gargantuan blog title.  It's been a busy couple of weeks and some of it was actually productive. I finally blew the festival cherry. It was messy and that's all I need to say. Now to the business end of things. I got interviewed over at lo-brow and you can read all I have to say about a whole host of topics at:

I am currently working on an article for wasted magazine:!/wastedmagazine which is going to be interesting with a lot of creative control. This ties in with the How to drive yourself insane section. Basically I'm well known for doing processes that would generally make people go nuts. I decided to make some of the font by hand and here's what I got up to.

Seems simple right? Most normal people would scan this in and photoshop it into oblivion. I'm special.

As you can see. It says rodeog. I don't want it to say that. So of course I'm going to need a little help from photosohop. I try to use it as something to help me. Mostly because I enjoy the actual process of making things as much as I like what I'm making. I'll the put the whole spread up when I'm done.

Two more things then I'm off. The image below is a miniature desktop drum kit my dad got me for Christmas as a joke. Me and my house mate have actually been making some pretty awful music as a duo. If you own a miniature instrument and want to be a part of our freakshow. Let me know.    
Crazy horses!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

conversations series #2

   I was talking to someone about when I saw some guy playing badminton and he looked exactly Napoleon Dynamite. This made me think of the beast known as the liger. My idea was that they simply won't get on well being part of the same animal so they would do their best to annoy each other. The tiger made the tail come out of the Lion's mouth. So it turned it's feet around to face the other way.  

Saturday, 2 July 2011



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