Friday, 12 February 2010

Life Drawing

Life drawing is actually the best thing.
I remember watching some saachi programme on BBC, in which some silly person said that life drawing was cliche, she was obviously awful at it, though I would not say that I am any good. It is fun to just play around with media and make marks you would never do in your own work, even if it comes out looking horrible. Here are some attempts of what I did Wednesday.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Card design and Travel Scribbles.

Two updates, in one week. Wow.
Our class is having a bit of a card sale at uni next week, here's my offering. I have more designs and ideas in my brain, and hopefully they'll get put on paper tonight.
Here are some random doodles from my diary/sketchbook that I have been trying to keep going.

Friday, 5 February 2010

six past three. (i'm the worst at blogging)

Dissertation and final minor project are handed in! I guess I could have written these words weeks ago, but party times were needed, and they were damn good. My project came together rather well, and I am in planning stages for my last project at uni, sad times. I think I have a pretty interesting idea.

Anyway, here some of the images that were apart of my final piece for the major project. It was a massive time line, but due to my camera deciding to take swimming lessons in ink, it's become a bit difficult to use, so i can not show that. The idea of the time line was to show the viewpoints of 5 different people during the hillsborough disaster. The images are quite ambiguous to force the viewer to decode what they are looking at.

Enjoy! I am doing some card designs which I will post up later, buy them!