Wednesday, 16 November 2011

film festival + city + poster = cine-city film festival poster.

Sometimes the creative fires in my belly get to work and I actually make things. I got asked to make a poster for a one off event being held as part of the cine-city festival being held in Brighton over the next month.

As the event is based around local film and music makers I decided to go with something quite iconic for the image. I'm always a sucker for some handmade type that takes stupid amounts of hours as well.

In other news:- One half of Alaskan girls (that's me, more on that later) will be taking on those pesky swine's over at El Diablo (!/eldiabloclothing) on for a 30 days drawing challenge. This battle of drawing skills and tasteful social commentary will begin on December first. We'll be making some type of blog and hopefully produce something in paper format at the end of it.

I am now a rock star (!/thevinylsofficial) - like it.

Alaskan girls is a colab between me and Mr Robbie Candy. We have one goal, to change the world. (Or make some shoddy work and embarrass ourselves. )


Friday, 30 September 2011

Blast from the past 1#: Sketchbook scribbles #1

    As I am currently working on a billion things right now I decided it was best to not leave this blog land empty whilst I was plugging away. With this in mind I stumbled upon some old dusty sketchbooks from over the years and thought it would be a cool idea to have a series of updates from the section of work which will be later known as my "classics". This is going to be a large amount of images and due to this I have supplied some appropriate listening material to wet your ears whilst you browse through work from the olden days.




Thursday, 15 September 2011

Stealing Rusty's machine

I made a poster for the lovely Candice at work. It turned into a bit of a handmade type fest as usual. The idea was some post school type theme hence the lined paper. I was also going to have images but the programme for my hp scanner on my printer is actually the slowest thing ever. I'm currently working on a couple of other things for bands and the people over at wasted mag so I'll put that up when I'm done.


Friday, 9 September 2011

London creatives.

   I got a real commission, watch out world. The bloody amazing sally over at London creatives   ( has asked me to reproduce their logo in my special way of mark making in order to be screen printed on to bags, t-shirts and other such items. You can see what I came up with below.

   If you are a creative person based in or around london I urge you to look at what they are trying to do by clicking on the above link. It's going to be special. This type of networking is what we all need to find ourselves lovely jobs in the creative sector.


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Wasted article.

Recently I have been added to the ever growing wasted magazine. My good friend Vicky Webb got me involved and I have been able to have total creative freedom over my spread. I am currently working on a "guide to..." type theme which is going to be a mixture of images and my horrible writing skills. My first article was inspired by some group talking about why no-one goes to local gigs. (obviously not true) I put together some ideas of how to turn this around and save the demise of our scene.

You can download the whole magazine at

One more thing. I finally got a job. It's in a sweet shop that looks like the old days. It's pretty rad. You can see some pictures of it here.  


Friday, 22 July 2011

How to drive yourself insane, wasted magazine, Miniture band and crazy horses.

That my friends is a gargantuan blog title.  It's been a busy couple of weeks and some of it was actually productive. I finally blew the festival cherry. It was messy and that's all I need to say. Now to the business end of things. I got interviewed over at lo-brow and you can read all I have to say about a whole host of topics at:

I am currently working on an article for wasted magazine:!/wastedmagazine which is going to be interesting with a lot of creative control. This ties in with the How to drive yourself insane section. Basically I'm well known for doing processes that would generally make people go nuts. I decided to make some of the font by hand and here's what I got up to.

Seems simple right? Most normal people would scan this in and photoshop it into oblivion. I'm special.

As you can see. It says rodeog. I don't want it to say that. So of course I'm going to need a little help from photosohop. I try to use it as something to help me. Mostly because I enjoy the actual process of making things as much as I like what I'm making. I'll the put the whole spread up when I'm done.

Two more things then I'm off. The image below is a miniature desktop drum kit my dad got me for Christmas as a joke. Me and my house mate have actually been making some pretty awful music as a duo. If you own a miniature instrument and want to be a part of our freakshow. Let me know.    
Crazy horses!


Sunday, 3 July 2011

conversations series #2

   I was talking to someone about when I saw some guy playing badminton and he looked exactly Napoleon Dynamite. This made me think of the beast known as the liger. My idea was that they simply won't get on well being part of the same animal so they would do their best to annoy each other. The tiger made the tail come out of the Lion's mouth. So it turned it's feet around to face the other way.  

Saturday, 2 July 2011



Vote for my T-shirt design.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mattsson loves the zebra

New drawing. The idea for this came from a discussion in which it was decided that zebras are simply horses with a bit of fashion sense. I'm currently working on some new self promotion as I finally got a printer of my own. Maybe one day I'll update my G4. not likely.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Thrown away #3

   A new image towards the "thrown away" project. The lovely people at virgin sent us a letter which had something to do with getting TV, phone and internet deal. I was not interested but it did make me think of that virgin school show on channel 4. So i drew the guy to praise his crazy braveness. It makes me think so shows like embarrassing bodies and how after 20 years of covering yourself up the offer of being on TV can make people reveal their darkest secrets and mushy bits.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

BOOM boom boom.

   Scanner issues are resolved. Here's the seagulls image. If you can see the tiny seagull in the right corner of the page, that's where this image sprung from. It was some promotion from Brighton football club, i obviously had a destructive childhood.

Lazy bones, throw me away.

   It has been a long time since I have updated this or pretty much done anything. Real life got in the way and plan is now to make this real life.

   I had a job. I got a gym instructor qualification. I am equally as confused as you are. Anyway creative things. Most of my time when making something has been doodles in my journal and cutting out flyers and making stupid images which kind of leads into a new project I am working on. 

   These are pretty terrible. I now have a goal though. This idea came when sitting in the housing benefits land (everyone awww at the poor artist). I started to doodle over a page in some throw away magazine I got from the library. It made me think about the way we all just discard these types of images without a second thought. This happens a lot with flyers which can have some pretty good art work. It seems a waste. My aim is to collect these types of images and doodle over them like people do on newspapers. Turning discarded images into something new. Here is one for to look at now. I will upload the second later. Scanner issues. It's got seagulls bombing a city. Tragic. I want to have a book at the end simply called "Thrown away".