Friday, 5 February 2010

six past three. (i'm the worst at blogging)

Dissertation and final minor project are handed in! I guess I could have written these words weeks ago, but party times were needed, and they were damn good. My project came together rather well, and I am in planning stages for my last project at uni, sad times. I think I have a pretty interesting idea.

Anyway, here some of the images that were apart of my final piece for the major project. It was a massive time line, but due to my camera deciding to take swimming lessons in ink, it's become a bit difficult to use, so i can not show that. The idea of the time line was to show the viewpoints of 5 different people during the hillsborough disaster. The images are quite ambiguous to force the viewer to decode what they are looking at.

Enjoy! I am doing some card designs which I will post up later, buy them!

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