Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Lazy bones, throw me away.

   It has been a long time since I have updated this or pretty much done anything. Real life got in the way and plan is now to make this real life.

   I had a job. I got a gym instructor qualification. I am equally as confused as you are. Anyway creative things. Most of my time when making something has been doodles in my journal and cutting out flyers and making stupid images which kind of leads into a new project I am working on. 

   These are pretty terrible. I now have a goal though. This idea came when sitting in the housing benefits land (everyone awww at the poor artist). I started to doodle over a page in some throw away magazine I got from the library. It made me think about the way we all just discard these types of images without a second thought. This happens a lot with flyers which can have some pretty good art work. It seems a waste. My aim is to collect these types of images and doodle over them like people do on newspapers. Turning discarded images into something new. Here is one for to look at now. I will upload the second later. Scanner issues. It's got seagulls bombing a city. Tragic. I want to have a book at the end simply called "Thrown away".

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